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     Here is the page for our international association: “Association des Arts Traditionnels Chinois". If you want to join, wherever you live on the globe, please, feel free to contact us.

Sifu Jonathan was appointed by his Sifu to spread the style to the western world. He has continued to do so in the most traditional way and in it’s purest form.

What we offer :

-Fatsan Pakmei Kung-Fu’s complete system: Hands forms, weapons, fighting applications, fighting concepts & body conditioning.

- Iron Monkey Style complete system: Includes a total of seven hands forms and specials weapons, fighting applications, fighting concepts & body conditioning.

- Traditional Weapons: Includes a total of 70 different forms and weapons coming from different styles covering northern and southern china (always taught along with applications) + 4 two men set forms.

- Qin Na:  joint locks.

Each module is independent and can be learned separately.  There is no need to practice others in order to only select to learn one of them.  

There is no long distance correspondence training, just “face to face” teaching done in the traditional way.

There are two different options available :

    -     Option one : you can follow Sifu Jonathan for long term training, which is suitable for those wanting to develop the style in their country and be a part of our international association.

    -     Option two : you can follow Sifu Jonathan for a shorter period to train only in one unique seminar.


Regarding fees, if more income is generated by the host any excess profit made will go solely to the host.

For further information or enquires, please contact Sifu Jonathan here : pakmei@free.fr


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